Christian Payne

My work combines multi modal narrative strategies and community building. Grounded in utilitarianism my practice explores public and political empowerment through culture hacking, social sculpture and the creative use of communication technologies.

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Date Title Theme Medium Link
10/2020 Deconstructed sofa Still Life Collection VISIT
10/2015 An afternoon in ‘The Jungle’ Migration Film VISIT
04/2011 Royal Wedding Street Party Shared Experience Film VISIT
11/2010 All Part Of Twitter Shared Experience Film VISIT
11/2009 Fight Back Privacy Film VISIT
09/2009 Longplayer Live Long Now Film VISIT
06/2009 Happy Birthday George Civil Liberties Film VISIT
01/2008 Life in the Shadows Migration Film VISIT
06/2001 Watched Privacy Film VISIT

(More links to come)